Hi! I’m Viviane.

I’m a Games/VFX Texture & Look Development artist.

I'm a Brazilian/Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC.
I joined the games industry in 2017, and I have worked with indie and AAA games. I have helped the teams at Bethesda, Amazon Games, Square Enix, and Activision to name a few.

In 2022, I joined the VFX industry as a Texture & Look Development Assistant at DNEG (VFX) helping the Build department on various feature films and television such as Dune: Part 2, The Last of Us, Mickey 17 and more.

I joined Electronic Arts earlier this year as an Associate Character Artist helping the Kits team create tons of textures for EA's new title FC 24, the company's football game after the end of the partnership with the FIFA organization.


Things I love.

I’m all about good storytelling. Games like Beyond Two Souls and Detroit:Become Human are right up my alley.​

From Denis Villeneuve to Guilhermo Del Toro movies, I love seeing all the amazing work that goes into a good show. This page would be too big if I added all my favorites.​

Music gives me the fuel I need and also helps me with creativity blocks.​