Entering the Games Industry: My Journey and Commitment to Change

Embarking on my journey in the games industry, I faced numerous challenges. As the lone woman in the development department, it was disheartening to feel unheard and see my ideas appropriated without credit. Additionally, confronting racial bias and cultural differences only compounded the difficulties.
At times, self-doubt crept in, questioning my abilities and sense of belonging. The lack of camaraderie and support in my initial experience left an emotional toll, casting doubt on my future endeavors.

Fortunately, every trial has its end. Transitioning to a more inclusive workplace restored my confidence and sense of self. It prompted me to give back, particularly to women and girls enduring similar hardships. Becoming one of the Ambassadors for Women in Games, I feel incredibly fortunate to advocate for change.
Recognizing the urgent need for a more equitable industry, I believe companies must cultivate environments that foster diversity and respect. By providing equal opportunities for growth, regardless of gender, we can empower all individuals to thrive. Through my involvement with WIGJ, I am committed to driving this transformative shift.

Women in Games: Empowering Change in the Industry

Established in 2009 by David Smith and joined by Marie-Claire Isaaman in 2016, Women in Games (WIGJ) stands as a beacon of hope for gender equality in the games sector. Run entirely by dedicated part-time staff and volunteers, the organization has expanded its reach globally.
As one of over 400 individual Ambassadors spanning 47 countries, I am proud to support WIGJ’s mission to eradicate gender discrimination. From hosting events and conferences to collaborating with partners on educational initiatives, WIGJ strives to inspire girls to pursue careers in games.
A pivotal moment at one of our conferences was 2020’s Avivah Wittenberg-Cox’s illuminating keynote address. As CEO of 20-First, she highlighted the gender balance disparity in the industry, emphasizing the importance of diversity. Despite comprising nearly half of global gamers, women remain vastly underrepresented in the workforce.

To truly effect change, we must all take a stand. Whether in the industry or beyond, it is incumbent upon us to challenge injustice whenever we encounter it. Let us be catalysts for a more inclusive future—for women and for all. Join me in supporting Women in Games today. Your donation or involvement can make a world of difference in creating a brighter, more inclusive games industry for all.

You and/or your company can support the work of Women In Games by making a donation.
If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, you can apply here.

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