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"Metamorphosis" is a magical creature, the forest’s guardian and suffers from natural mutations that occur in plants such as Arabidopsis.
"Metamorphosis" also has the meaning of transforming from one thing into something greater. Whether it's natural errors in DNA or caused by an irregular environment, mutations in plants, as in people, are something to be celebrated. 

Creative imagination is at work here in this skillfuly executed piece! A hauntingly alluring Autumn forest sprite beckons the viewer to enter her magical world."
Anne Tait - Adjudicator for The Community Artis Council of Richmond  


The creation of this piece began with an idea sparked by a dream I had.
In the ideation phase, I first experimented with various prompts on Midjourney to see if I could bring my vision to life quickly. I decided to start sketching what I had in mind as I wasn't getting the results I wanted.
After numerous attempts, I settled on a design that resonated with me and proceeded to sculpt the main shapes in ZBrush. With the foundation laid, I transferred a render from Zbrush to Photoshop, where I began the digital painting process, adding color and multiple adjustment layers to refine the forms to bring the character to life.
I'm planning to do a full 3D version of this character using the 3D worfklows I know. If I'm happy with the results I might also experiment 3D printing it.

Art Exhibit

As I look back on the weekend of October 20-22, 2023, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to showcase my artwork at the Lansdowne Centre in Richmond, BC.
For three days, my pieces were part of an exhibit that celebrated the beauty of autumn through the eyes of local artists like myself. Walking through the exhibit, I was struck by the vibrant atmosphere and the diverse range of artistic expressions on display.
From serene landscapes to abstract interpretations, each piece captured a unique facet of autumn's beauty.

I am also thrilled to share that "Metamorphosis" won the 2nd place for the Mixed Media category, adding to the excitement of the exhibit.


As the exhibit came to a close, I felt a sense of fulfillment knowing that my artwork had touched the hearts and minds of those who experienced it. I am grateful for the support and encouragement of the Community Arts Council of Richmond for the opportunity to share my artistic vision with others.
Thank you to everyone who visited the exhibit and shared in the celebration of creativity and expression. Until next time, let us continue to find beauty in the world around us and inspire each other through our art.

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