FC 24


EA Sports

Release Date

Sept 2023


Surfacing Artist


In my role as a surfacing artist for FC 24, I was responsible for creating textures from scratch and updating existing kits (jersey, shorts and socks) implemented from previous games. Throughout the project, I had the opportunity to work on over 300 unique designs, with a keen eye for detail and authenticity, ensuring that each kit contributed to the immersive experience of FC 24.


The texturing process for the kits departament demanded precision and creativity at every step. Our primary objective was to closely adhere to the real references provided by the soccer clubs. Designing everything in a non-destructive manner was pivotal in the department, as multiple artists were involved in the process. Additionally, there were instances where clubs would make changes to their designs, requiring quick updates.


Throughout my time on FC 24, I collaborated closely with other surfacing artists, leads, technical artists, and game producers, both in-office and remotely. This collaborative effort ensured that our work aligned seamlessly with the overall vision of the game, and facilitated efficient communication to make sure all kits were delivered meeting the deadlines and quality standards set for the project.
Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy, we delivered kits that met the high standards of authenticity and visual fidelity demanded by FC 24.

Software Used: