Dune: Part Two



Release Date

Mar 2024


Surfacing Assistant


The overarching objective for "Dune: Part Two" was to uphold the high standard of quality established by its predecessor and continue the saga with seamless visual continuity.
In my role as a Surfacing Assistant, I contributed to this goal by meticulously crafting supplementary texture maps for the sandworm, ensuring it maintained the requirements needed. Additionally, I helped the modeling department by tackling various small modeling tasks on the Smuggler Harvester asset, aiming to contribute to the overall visual coherence of the sequel.

The sandworms were like sea serpents and that scene [of Paul] surfing the sand worm is one of the greatest things I have ever seen, ever." Steven Spielberg


As we transitioned into 'Dune: Part Two,' I encountered unique challenges in maintaining continuity and seamlessly integrating with the established visual language of the first movie. Drawing from my internship experience and leveraging the groundwork laid by previous senior artists, I focused on refining my skills to support the look development department.
My role involved providing complementary texture maps to ensure visual continuity and excellence in the sequel, while remaining open to assist wherever needed.

Spielberg also praised the effects work on the spice harvesters, particularly compared to the first film. “Those machines were incredible,” he said. “I thought the machines were incredible in the first Dune, and I don’t know what you did, but you did something to detail them more this time with the sand falling off the treads, that was awesome … Warner Bros. paid for more pixels, is that right? Because of the success of the first film, it’s good to have more pixels in our business.” [Retrieved from The Hollywood Reporter]


Throughout my tenure on "Dune: Part Two," I had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of senior artists, leads, and producers. This collaborative environment fostered an exchange of ideas, expertise, and creative insights, enriching the overall quality of our work. By working closely with seasoned professionals, I was able to glean valuable knowledge, refine my skills, and contribute to the collective effort of bringing director Denis Villeneuve's vision to fruition.

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