Release Date

Jan 2024


Surfacing & Look Development Assistant


The primary objective of our work on "LIFT" was to achieve a high level of realism and authenticity in rendering the Suisse Airline plane. Equipped with real-life references and images of the aircraft, our goal was to meticulously replicate every detail and texture, ensuring that the final outcome closely resembled its real-world counterpart. Through precise surfacing and look development techniques, we aimed to immerse viewers in an experience that evoked the sensation of witnessing the plane firsthand, capturing its essence with unparalleled fidelity and accuracy.


The process of bringing the Suisse Airline plane to life was a multi-faceted journey that required precision and attention to detail at every step. From creating detailed texture maps to refining surface shaders, each element was carefully crafted to achieve realism and authenticity. Leveraging cutting-edge software and techniques, the plane's surfaces were meticulously sculpted and textured to mimic real-world materials and lighting conditions, resulting in a visually stunning final product.


In this phase, I collaborated closely with another senior artist who served as the main responsible person for the asset. Together, we worked hand in hand to refine the textures, ensuring they met the director's vision and the project's requirements. My contributions included creating alternate textures and generating new renders, which were crucial in presenting options to the VFX supervisor for finalizing the shots. This collaborative effort highlighted the importance of teamwork and showcased my ability to adapt and contribute to a collective goal while leveraging my surfacing and look development skills.

Software Used: